Exterior New Yaris
Driving in style with the new sporty Exterior design. Limitless fun!.

Interior New Yaris
New modern and sophisticated technology on every corners. It’s what on the inside that counts!.

The complete active and passive safety features are developed to ensure the safety of both driver and passengers.
The new suspension creates ever better stability and comfortability.


Daftar Harga New Yaris

1.5 ERp. 243.683.000Rp. 254.683.000
1.5 G Rp. 252.383.000Rp. 263.283.000
1.5 S TRDRp. 272.483.000Rp. 284.283.000
1.5 S TRD HEYKERS 2017Rp. 279.083.000Rp. 290.883.000