Exterior All New Fortuner
The new prominent leaders. Discover the all new driving experience of premium, pleasure and performance.

Interior All New Fortuner
Fortuner comes with stylish interior and strongly project prestige.

Toyota’s new engine technology brings you improved acceleration and grand performance for the definitive driving experience. Designed to provide maximum protection for every passenger.


Daftar Harga All New Fortuner

2.7 SRZ LUXRp. -Rp. 553.937.000
2.7 SRZ LUX TRDRp. -Rp. 565.937.000
2.4 GRp. 479.837.000Rp. 497.837.000
2.4 VRZ SPORTY LUXRp. Rp. 532.937.000
2.4 VRZ TRD LUXRp. Rp. 540.437.000
2.4 4X4 G LUXRp. Rp. 600.337.000
2.4 4x4 VRZ LUXRp. Rp. 671.937.000